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The World´s Premier Gaming Wearable Bcon has been built with core gaming in mind and designed to be mounted directly to your sneaker or foot. The ergonomic fixation allows for a
swift fastening and remains comfortable regardless of any sitting
position or game session length. 

Magnetic Grip


The Bcon clings magnetically and is both securely fastened and easily removed by hand.
The socket’s elevated boundaries mechanically absorb centrifugal forces
and protect the Bcon against falling off while in use.
The socket possesses an attached webbing customizable in length to accommodate different types wearers and usage.
Barefoot naturally requires less length than using the Bcon with your shoes on. 


Powerful Cortex-M4 32-bit processor running at 64MHz
3-axis sensors sampling position 1,000 times per second
High performance, high brightness full-color SMT LEDs
Vibration motor providing haptic feedback at up to 11,000 revolutions per minute
Micro USB standard port for charging – no special power supply needed
LiPoly battery providing approx. 6 hours of continuous gaming
Rechargeable in use 

Approximate size
Length: 63mm/2.5’’
Width: 50mm/2.0’’
Height: 18mm/0.7’’

Approximate weight



Bluetooth enabled PC
Windows® 10 for optimal use of configuration software
Any PC game supporting keyboard commands

In-Depth Configuration


Start directly with the factory settings provided or use the free-of-charge configuration tool to master even the most complex skills – without any automation scripts! Map single keystrokes or even
entire combos to the Bcon and experience results only known from macros so far.

"As we create deeper and more interactive virtual worlds to explore, I have often felt restricted by a mouse and keyboard. In the real world, our feet are very much a part of exploration. Finally the 'Bcon' offers us a way to get this important body part involved!"
Inventor of Ultima-Series & Shroud of the Avatar / Astronaut

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