My PC is asking me for a PIN to pair the Bcon.

There is no PIN needed. Please update your drivers and try again.

The Bcon seems to be stuck in input.

Get the Bcon back to its starting position or calibrate it anew.
The Bcon features a 5° Protection Zone that prevents the device from triggering commands from unconscious moves. As such you need to return to this Protection Zone in order to “unlock” the Bcon.

I cannot make use of two axes simultaneously.

That´s totally intended. It´s the Protection Zone that keeps the device from doing so.
E.g. if you lift your heels and unconsciously roll to the left or right, the Bcon will ignore such movements on the roll-axis to keep you from triggering unintended input.

My Bcon only triggers the B, C, O, and N key.

That´s the Bcon’s default configuration. Make sure to download the latest configuration software from the website in order to edit the Bcon’s configuration. Don´t forget to upload the configuration to your device by pressing the “upload configuration” button once finished.

Uploading my configuration to the Bcon keeps failing.

Please make sure to neither use mouse nor keyboard while the upload is in progress. Ideally you even bring your Bcon into pause mode to make sure it also doesn´t trigger any input during the upload.

Make sure to deactivate the “Toogle CapsLock” function under Windows. If you can disable CapsLock by pressing Shift, this function is enabled. Disable it and try again.

Sometimes there may be other applications that interfere with the communication protocol of the Bcon. We´ve identified the following ones and will keep the list updated. Try to temporarily deactivate those apps and try again:

– Synergy (

NumLock, ScrollLock and CapsLock control LEDs are flashing whilst I upload a configuration to my Bcon.

That´s normal and due to the specific communication protocol we use – no need to worry.

Applications get opened while I upload my configuration to the Bcon, the upload fails.

Please make sure to neither use NumLock, ScrollLock nor CapsLock as a hotkey to open any application under Windows. Try again.

I cannot open the configuration software on my Mac.

The bcon-control.exe does not run an MacOS. You can still pair your Bcon with a Mac, the configuration needs however to happen under Windows (10).

The configuration software doesn´t run on my Windows PC.

The software is optimized for Windows 10. Yet if your Windows PC won´t run the software at all, it´s most likely related to yor specific security settings. Please check Windows and antivirus application settings and make sure to allow the software to be executed. 


How large and heavy is the Bcon?

Its dimensions are approx. 63 x 50 x 18 millimeters which corresponds to approx. 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.7 inches. The prototype weighs less than 40 grams or a tenth of a pound, the socket less than 30 grams or 1 ounce. It’s equipped size on the foot including socket amounts to approx. 82 x 60 x 25 millimeters or 3.2 x 2.4 x 1.0 inches, weighing currently 62 grams or 2.2 ounces.


How long does the accumulator battery last?

The fully-charged Bcon should last a minimum of 6 hours of non-stop gaming,but can even be recharged whilst in use.


Which latency does the Bcon have?

The latency of the Bcon is comparable to any conventional wireless keyboard.


Does the Bcon work with a cable as well?

No. The Micro USB port (USB 2.0 Micro-B) at the side of the Bcon serves purely to recharge power; the cable does not establish a data connection to the PC.


Can the Bcon be recharged whilst gaming?

Yes, even whilst securely fastened in the socket, the Bcon can be recharged via USB.


Which games can be played with the Bcon?

All PC games, which support keyboard commands!


Wait a moment, „All PC games that support keys“ – really all of them, well, all games then?

Yes. All of them. Just like that. There’s no need to integrate an SDK or such by the developer of the game before or after.


Can I continue to use my existing mouse and keyboard?

Absolutely! The Bcon is pure-play additional. Regardless of its usage, you are free to continue using your preferred devices and key bindings in parallel.


Can I play with several Bcons at the same time?

Yes, that’s possible. The only limiting factor (other than your own extremities) is the number of parallel wireless connections that your PC supports. The configuration software is however not yet optimized to support two parallel connections. So, you´ll have to configure your devices individually.


Can I use the Bcon with PCs that do not have a wireless interface?

No, not as-is. In that case you’d first need to buy a wirless dongle somewhere at retail for a few bucks.


Do I have to install a software to run the Bcon?

Well, the Bcon works directly when paired and connected wirelessly with your PC.
In that sense, no need to – it’s truly plug-and-play. Yet, we are providing a specific configuration software which allows the gamer to map and customize his ownbindings. We strongly advise to make use of this piece of software.


How do I avoid triggering unintentional keystrokes?

There’s a pause function to temporarily block off all inputs. In addition, you are free to tailor the sensitivity of the Bcon to your own liking with the help of the configuration software. This way, you are in control of your own legspace, deciding when to fire off a command – or not yet.


I can’t stop moving my feet constantly, is the Bcon still interesting for me?

As when driving a car, you can still move your feet to some degree. Depending on your self-selected configuration, any given movement triggers a command or not. We call it “Protection Zone” against unintended key strokes by fidgeting. With some practice you will soon find yourself utilizing the Bcon subconsciously similarly to using your feet when driving a car or playing the piano with pedals.


How do I equip the Bcon?

The Bcon is put on the instep of the foot with the help of a physical socket. By the way, it’s up to you to use it with the left foot or the right foot. Then the mount is strapped below around your foot with a mildly elastic band with Velcro. The entire process takes only a few seconds. Removal is even faster than.


Do I need to wear shoes to play with the Bcon?

That’s up to you. Use it with shoes, socks or without – in winter the use of stockings is recommended, though!


Can I use the Bcon at the foot only?

The Bcon recognizes its spatial orientation, regardless of whether equipped at the foot or fitted to your head. Originally designed for the foot, it’s purpose is to keep the hands free for gaming with mouse and keyboard.


Do I need to watch out not to lose the Bcon half-way in a match?

That hasn’t happed to our testers yet. No such thing should happen to you, either, when you fasten the Bcon well – hey, not tooo fast, though!


Is it exhausting to use the Bcon over an extended period of time?

Well, it’s a gaming device, isn’t it?! You don’t need to run, jump or dance around. Just remain seated as you wish and simply move your foot a little bit. You can even change your sitting position freely along the way. Nobody ever called that exhausting so far.


Does the Bcon work with consoles, too?

Well, experimentally the Bcon works with consoles, but we are currently neither providing support for it nor does the configuration software run elsewhere than on Windows® PC, optimized for Windows® 10 OS.


Does the Bcon run on Mac?

Well, the Bcon works on Mac OS, but our configuration software is currently supporting Windows® only, being optimized for Windows® 10 OS.


Is the Bcon water-proof?

No, as most electric devices the Bcon is not water-proof – plop, plop, RIP.



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